At Nature of the Dog – Grand Rapids Dog Walking Company, we understand how essential it is for dogs to get outside, to explore new sights and smells, to socialize, and to burn off some energy. We also understand that every dog is a unique individual, so it’s important to meet them where they’re at and to go at their pace. Whether it’s helping with basic obedience, or learning nice leash manners, we are ready to reinforce what you have already been practicing. We are committed to using only positive reinforcement training methods and non-aversive equipment to manage the walk. For the walk, we provide high-quality treats, eco-friendly waste bags, and towels for dirty paws. After each walk, we’ll send a pet journal to let you know how things went.

We have been certified in dog handling through dog*tec Dog Walking Academy and we are certified in First Aid through Pet Tech. We are a bonded and insured LLC serving Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Please see below for how to get started. We look forward to meeting you!

Getting Started with Nature of the Dog

To get started, we schedule a Meet & Greet to answer any questions you might have, go over some of our policies, and get to know you and your dog.

We do require at least 2 walks per week to be added to our walking schedule.

If your dog does well with other dogs, we may pick them up and bring them to another dog’s house to be walked. Or, we may bring other well-matched dogs to your place to be walked with your dog. Ask us about our Solo Walk option if your dog cannot be walked with other dogs.

We ask that you provide a key, or key code so we may enter your home for your dog’s scheduled walk.

Our dog walking service covers East Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our office is located at 1515 Michigan St NE Suite 121 Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Grand Rapids – East Grand Rapids